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The world always witness two kinds of people. The ones who believe in god called theists and the ones who do not believe in the god called atheists. Again there are two kinds of theists namely the monotheists which are a belief of single god and polytheists, a belief of many gods.

There are many religions present all over the world followed by its people according to their beliefs and traditions. Out of all such religions present all over the world, Christianity is the biggest religion followed by most of the people. It is the world’s largest religion with almost 2.2 billion followers. All of these are monotheists that believe in Jesus Christ and his principles.

Jackson Heights is the North West portion of the New York City borough of Queens. The place is well developed with huge amounts of population and has good infrastructure to meet all their needs. The place has more than one lakh eight thousand inhabitants. All these people might have their own religious view and belief in god. Most of them is found to follow Christianity and there are certain number of churches at the place. Some of the churches present there in the Jackson Heights are mentioned in the list below:

  • Community United Methodist Church
  • St Joan of Arc Church
  • Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church etc.

There are many more famous churches present there in the place to meet the needs of all people. Jackson Heights Church of Christ is the most famous one present in the place. The members who want to join in this Punjabi Christian Community have to register themselves in the website first. Every Sunday the special prayers conducted are attended by most of its members and if someone misses them they can view it in the videos present in the website on a latter day.

New York Indian Church

The registration process is totally different for various classes of devotees. The youth has to register in a separate class whereas the elderly registration is different. The news feed on the website helps us to follow the recent updates about the church and one can follow it on their mobiles too after successful registration. The prayer times of the church are different on each day. Sundays we usually find lot of activity in this church right from morning 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The mornings usually on Sundays start with the Bible classes.

After this the day is followed by two different prayer schedules one at 10:00 am and the other at 6:00 pm. Next activity is found on Wednesday at 7:00 pm which mainly involves Bible study. The fabric of family videos can also be viewed from the website. New York Indian Church is another oldest churches present in the New York.