In the modern world of busy and hectic lives, the connection of man with God has been severed and people are forgetting the almighty in their quest to make money and live a luxurious life. The busy lifestyle and the constant pressure of work have made man greedy and selfish and he doesn’t give his time to the Lord, who is the creator of everything, including the man himself.

However, such a disconnection with the lord is causing a lot of unrest among the people and we do not find anyone with true peace of mind in this world anymore. Therefore, in order to connect the people to their almighty and to provide solace and peace to the people across the globe, the Punjabi Christian community has established a Masihi church for the people in order to help them attain peace.

The Ray of Hope Church: The place to join with the almighty

The Ray of Hope Church has been established in Jackson Heights, New York and their website rayofhopechurch.org allows the people to join in their mission from all around the world. Their passion is to provide the people with a platform, where they can have a life changing experience with the almighty himself and discover the true meaning of their life. They are open to people from any background and have no restrictions of caste, creed or color. They provide biblical truth to the people in relevant and practically sound ways and their only aim is to connect the people to God through their worship services.

It is a one of a kind Indian Church, which is solely working for the purpose of the lord and wants to help the people find their answers in the Holy Bible and to make them aware of the claims and miracles of Jesus Christ. Their dream is to one day, become the church as described in the Bible. They want to become the one Church, which provides constant learning through heartfelt friendships and worshipping with the truest and the kindest of the hearts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a person who is just checking out the claims of Christ and investigating the “church scene” for the first time, or if you’re an ardent follower of the lord and want to cement your faith even deeper, the Ray of Hope Church would be grateful to become your home and help you reach your desired goals.

How to contact The Ray of Hope church?

If you’re willing to embark on your journey to find the lord and need assistance, then you can easily contact the Ray of Hope Church and they would be more than happy to assist you in your endeavor.

In order to contact the church, all you need to do is to open their website and open their contacts page to get the contact details of the various functionaries of the Church. Moreover, you can find any extra information that you may want to find about the church on their website and even join hands with them on their mission.

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