Jackson Heights Church – A Place to Beseech the God


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The world always witness two kinds of people. The ones who believe in god called theists and the ones who do not believe in the god called atheists. Again there are two kinds of theists namely the monotheists which are a belief of single god and polytheists, a belief of many gods.

There are many religions present all over the world followed by its people according to their beliefs and traditions. Out of all such religions present all over the world, Christianity is the biggest religion followed by most of the people. It is the world’s largest religion with almost 2.2 billion followers. All of these are monotheists that believe in Jesus Christ and his principles.

Jackson Heights is the North West portion of the New York City borough of Queens. The place is well developed with huge amounts of population and has good infrastructure to meet all their needs. The place has more than one lakh eight thousand inhabitants. All these people might have their own religious view and belief in god. Most of them is found to follow Christianity and there are certain number of churches at the place. Some of the churches present there in the Jackson Heights are mentioned in the list below:

  • Community United Methodist Church
  • St Joan of Arc Church
  • Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church etc.

There are many more famous churches present there in the place to meet the needs of all people. Jackson Heights Church of Christ is the most famous one present in the place. The members who want to join in this Punjabi Christian Community have to register themselves in the website first. Every Sunday the special prayers conducted are attended by most of its members and if someone misses them they can view it in the videos present in the website on a latter day.

New York Indian Church

The registration process is totally different for various classes of devotees. The youth has to register in a separate class whereas the elderly registration is different. The news feed on the website helps us to follow the recent updates about the church and one can follow it on their mobiles too after successful registration. The prayer times of the church are different on each day. Sundays we usually find lot of activity in this church right from morning 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The mornings usually on Sundays start with the Bible classes.

After this the day is followed by two different prayer schedules one at 10:00 am and the other at 6:00 pm. Next activity is found on Wednesday at 7:00 pm which mainly involves Bible study. The fabric of family videos can also be viewed from the website. New York Indian Church is another oldest churches present in the New York.

Punjabi Christian Community In Jackson Heights Plays Important Social Role


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The bustling punjabi christian community based in and around the New York region is focused around an important Indian church that caters to its spiritual, emotional and social needs. As a matter of fact, the Indian church in Jackson Heights plays a very important role in the community and helps its members in many different ways, especially since many of them are first or second generation immigrants from different parts of South Asia.

Punjabi Christians are fewer in number than other religious groups from this state. The community is nevertheless large and bustling and it has much to offer to society as a whole. The church also welcomes Christians from other parts of North India who come here for worship and social activities.

Since the most important function of the church is to provide religious guidance, this is indeed what people come for primarily. Indian churches generally offer services in native languages instead of English in order to ensure that worshippers can perfectly understand what is being said.

The spiritual activities of the church are extremely crucial since they guide people on the right way to worship. The activities include bible reading classes which are conducted in languages that the church members are comfortable with. These languages include Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Spanish. In fact, the church also offers hymn books, bibles and religious reading material in these languages so that there is perfect understanding of them.

These books are available free of cost and are distributed without any restrictions on who can get them. Spiritual healing sessions are also offered. All in all, the emphasis is on enabling people to lead productive, happy and modern lives in a Christian manner.

The social initiatives undertaken by these churches are also very important because they help ensure that church members are well integrated in society. This is absolutely crucial since many of the members are immigrants and might not yet be properly integrated in society. Members who are well-established in society give new comers lots of assistance to enable them to build a good life for themselves as well.

The Indian Church In New York members also help each other solve problems that might arise in the community on account of ignorance or bigotry. The emphasis is on peaceful co-existence with all people irrespective of where they come from or what they do. A lot of the activities also focus on environmental issues because this is of great interest to society as a whole.

Punjabi Christian Community

The Indian Church In Jackson Heights is a very important institution in the New York area and its membership keeps on expanding. It ensures that all members get the chance to explore all opportunities available to them and achieve their spiritual and economic potential.

What is Christian Life, How To Live And Enjoy the Good Christian Life?


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Living the good Christian life is creating a way to reach the god easily. A good Christian spread his faith, morals and ethics of the Christianity for a good cause. Only just visiting the church every Sunday does not mean that you are a good Christian. There are few important that things you should follow in your life then you can easily create your way to reach the god. In every church, the followers of the jesus conduct many faithful programs through which the thousands of people get benefited Masihi Church is one of the popular church and the church exist in many places throughout the world.

3The followers of jesus do services without expecting anything they dedicate their complete life in serving people for good things. Through their amazing services they create a beautiful path with full of flowers by which they can reach the god easily. Ray of hope church is one of the popular churches and there the followers of god conduct many faithful events that can increase the confidence and faith on god among the people. Here am giving you few example of the good Christian life

Follow the examples of jesus at any situation: jesus is the son of god said that at any cause you should not start hating the people you have to love your enemies and forgive their mistakes. And you have to pray for those who try to persecute you.

If you have done fault acknowledge it and try to change your attitude and pray. Doing mistakes is the common thing in the human life but you have to realize your mistake and you have to change your attitude.Read and do what bible says for you, if you are a Christian, the very important part of your life is reading bible and you have to follow the things, which are mentioned in the bible. Allow the god to change you; it is very difficult for you to change yourselves all the god to change you from bad to good. Think whatever happens in your life is the wish of god is and move on according to it. You have to understand that you are mistreated for your beliefs and you should not allow others to attack you to weaken your faith on the god.

Set your time for the effective and the meaningful prayer. Spend your leisure time in praying, pray the god for your well and others too. Pray for your friends, enemies and relatives. Make your time meaningful. Try to see others point of view and act according to even if you have any personal issues on them. A good Christian will not discourage even his enemies, you have to put your feet on other shoes and then you have to act. The important and crystal quality of a good Christian is being patience at any situation; you have to be very patience with other people at any cause. If you follow these steps in your life no doubt that you are nearing the god.

live worship
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Meet the God at Jackson Heights or Jackson Heights Church of Punjabi Christian Community



A spiritual abode that prepares the devotees to meet the almighty, Jackson Heights or Jackson Heights Church is multi ethnic in nature. The pronounced mission and vision of the church is to spread the gospels of Lord Jesus Christ across the globe. Best part of it is that the church is free of any racial or religious discrimination. It is visited by people from all parts of the world and nationality does not count in it.


Multi-Racial Congregation

The Ray of Hope Church boasts of multi-racial congregation and the only objective is bolstering faith and family. Church authorities are committed to representing the great love as well as the character of God manifested in form of Jesus Christ to the entire world. For the preachers; God is love and such love is for all mankind irrespective of their origin or religious and ethnic background. In the process they make it a point that the knowledge and talent of the preachers are well accepted and shared by the recipients visiting Jackson Heights or Jackson Heights Church.

Punjabi Communities

Punjabi people are enterprising by nature and that is why one finds them in every nook and corners of the world carrying out business of some type or other. While majority of the Punjabis are either Hindus or Muslims, there are also another community that is found in most of the foreign lands; the Punjabi Christian community.  By nature they are religious and it is natural that people of Christian communities will visit Church and that is why one can find a good gathering of such people in the Ray of Hope Church at Jackson Heights.

Visiting Online or in Person

While the Church has a well designed website and visitors can take a stroll online to see various features of the Church, visiting in person the brick and concrete counterpart is also a plausible option for the ultimate visitor. While browsing through their website could be an enjoyable experience, visiting in person the Church would take the experience of the visitor to another level altogether.

The 7th Day Adventist Church

New vision that was generated in the winter of the year 2007, the 7th day Adventist Church is the ultimate for the entire community. The location has a concentrated focus on friendship and salvation to anyone willing to accept such precious gifts. People that have never visited the church would also receive warm welcome as if they are the integral part of the church. At the same time they also offer excellent ministry opportunities and a platform to contact with new acquaintances on a daily basis.

New Opportunities

The Church of Punjabi Christian Community is offering new opportunities for ministry on a weekly basis. People; irrespective of their standing and status may like the features and the environment of the Church. Whether they are already life members or purely newcomers, the Church offers something for every one of them.

At the end of it the visitor would be a highly contended and satisfied person free of many of his or her earlier tensions.


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Indian Church in Jackson Heights – To Follow the Path of God!



One of the challenges that people commonly face in their life is shifting from one place to another. It may be fine and adjustable if you shift within your home country, but what if you are to shift from one country to another? Of course that would be pretty hard for you. You have to leave behind your home environments, culture, tradition and the life style you were used to. For Indians shifting, it will be a tremendous change, because Indians follow a very unique tradition. Wouldn’t it be comforting if you can have a place of worship at the place you are shifting to? The answer is simply yes! The most comforting zone that anyone could be at is the place of worship.

Masihi Church in Jackson Heights is one such worship place for Indians who follow Christianity. These communities of people feel very peaceful and relaxed when they pray in the famous Indian church in Jackson Heights. There is large community of people including Punjabis from India who stay in United States. Hence it is very important that Punjab community from India get a feeling of home and have a regular worship place in their city. Thus this community of people has diverted their attention towards the Indian church in Jackson Heights, where they can devote their valuable time and offer prayers and services.

Life has twists and turns and makes us feel heavy sometimes, but when one prays with complete mind and concentration towards God, he changes everything! After all belief is everything that God expects from a person. And to offer our prayers, a place of worship is the ultimate destination. And for Punjab community of US, their tradition and culture based church is the final place for them. People share their thoughts to God and seek help and solutions for their problems. The church is thus a divine place where everyone devotes their mind to God. This is the place where the people in the community get to know about each other and hence get a chance to feel home-like. You can see a wonderful change in people’s mind when you visit the Indian church in Jackson Heights.

One amazing fact about the Indian Church in Jackson Heights is that any one from any culture is welcome there. There is no discrimination among anybody, but complete love and peace. However most of them who gather to this church belong to the parts of Indian subcontinent as the prayers are often offered in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu languages. However praying does not need any language. So whoever you may be, you can join these people in their services and offer prayers and enjoy fulfilled peace of mind.

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Discover God with the Ray of Hope Church




In the modern world of busy and hectic lives, the connection of man with God has been severed and people are forgetting the almighty in their quest to make money and live a luxurious life. The busy lifestyle and the constant pressure of work have made man greedy and selfish and he doesn’t give his time to the Lord, who is the creator of everything, including the man himself.

However, such a disconnection with the lord is causing a lot of unrest among the people and we do not find anyone with true peace of mind in this world anymore. Therefore, in order to connect the people to their almighty and to provide solace and peace to the people across the globe, the Punjabi Christian community has established a Masihi church for the people in order to help them attain peace.

The Ray of Hope Church: The place to join with the almighty

The Ray of Hope Church has been established in Jackson Heights, New York and their website rayofhopechurch.org allows the people to join in their mission from all around the world. Their passion is to provide the people with a platform, where they can have a life changing experience with the almighty himself and discover the true meaning of their life. They are open to people from any background and have no restrictions of caste, creed or color. They provide biblical truth to the people in relevant and practically sound ways and their only aim is to connect the people to God through their worship services.

It is a one of a kind Indian Church, which is solely working for the purpose of the lord and wants to help the people find their answers in the Holy Bible and to make them aware of the claims and miracles of Jesus Christ. Their dream is to one day, become the church as described in the Bible. They want to become the one Church, which provides constant learning through heartfelt friendships and worshipping with the truest and the kindest of the hearts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a person who is just checking out the claims of Christ and investigating the “church scene” for the first time, or if you’re an ardent follower of the lord and want to cement your faith even deeper, the Ray of Hope Church would be grateful to become your home and help you reach your desired goals.

How to contact The Ray of Hope church?

If you’re willing to embark on your journey to find the lord and need assistance, then you can easily contact the Ray of Hope Church and they would be more than happy to assist you in your endeavor.

In order to contact the church, all you need to do is to open their website and open their contacts page to get the contact details of the various functionaries of the Church. Moreover, you can find any extra information that you may want to find about the church on their website and even join hands with them on their mission.

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Inspirational Speech From Pastor Vicky Gill For Peace

Dedicating oneself to God completely is possible only after getting enlightened about various features in a comprehensive manner. Regular prayer sessions attended with a lot of attention will drive people towards realizing the ultimate path towards faith with ease. However, there needs to be an ideal means through which offering oneself to God completely is possible. Pastor Vicky Gill leads the way with a 100% positive approach due to which experiencing the best results is easily possible. Numerous people have turned into believers because of the valuable information provided by Gill in an easily understandable manner.

Obeying God with Live Worship Leads to Perfect Control

Listening to your inner voice before deciding upon your future is possible only when you surrender yourself to God completely. Belief is the first step that you need to take in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly as planned. Perhaps, you get to groom yourself towards a successful life because of which realizing more flexibility is possible throughout. Checking out numerous aspects in an attentive manner too will let you decide upon the ideal features that you need to consider without going through any problematic issues overall.

Multiple Activities Performed At Ray of Hope Church

Latest updates that are available related to Ray of Hope Church online in detail will let you plan your schedule long before. Perhaps, you get to obtain baptism service in a traditional manner due to which you get to conduct your life in a more meaningful manner. Dedicating yourself to God completely is what you get to realize in an eventual way with the consideration of best options whenever needed the most. Finding an effective solution for your problems in life is possible with the best alternatives offered by pastor Gill to you at a right time.


Enriching You with Love and Knowledge of Jesus Christ

Concentrate upon the regular activities that you perform in life in order to experience religious sanctity in the most effective manner as you desire. Bringing all the Punjabis settled in various parts of the world onto a common platform is what the chief objective of Vicky Gill. Numerous events are organized by the Punjabi American community in order to ensure that people are provided with maximum information about offering their selfless prayers to God. Effective leadership of Gill has proved to be most effective in this regard because of which Punjabi Christians are motivated towards leading a better life throughout.

Attending Various Events at Punjabi Church for Enhanced Faith

Dedicating your focus upon Jesus Christ will let you realize the much needed peace in life. Various praying methods are provided to you in this regard because of whom you realize maximum comfort for sure. Relentless services rendered by his dedicated wife Sukhina Gill is an added advantage in achieving the desired objectives in an exact manner as expected. Perhaps, the process of delivering the message of God to all those in need is what that is necessary in the first place. By attending regular prayer meetings at Punjabi Church on your own, it is possible to realize the true meaning of life.

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Spreading The Meaning Of God Through Masihi Church Across New York And Indian Communities


Without the enlightening guidance of the supreme power, man has the propensity to go astray in life. There are so many distractions to deter a person from the goal of being happy by spreading happiness. To give shape to the spirit of brotherhood among the various Indians settled in United States and Canada, the expatriate Indians are trying their best to bind all brother and sisters of the Christian community under the leadership of the church. Since many decades, these efforts had been made by the followers and believers of Christ, spreading the message that by following the path of God, there will be peace and harmony in life. Also, one can concentrate on his or her work if there is satisfaction in life by the blessings of the Almighty. For this purpose, there is the need to abide by the preaching of the Lord and this is best possible in the house meant for Him. As a result of such a noble thought, Masihi Church came into being in the regions where Indian Punjabi Christians have been residing in United States.

  • Efforts by the members of Masihi Church adding popularity for religious beliefs

Constant work by the members of the Indian Church in the region of New York and in Canada has resulted in the creation of the building where people congregate on Sundays and hear to the sermons of some of the leaders in Christianity. The reverend pastors of the community give sermons as laid down in the holy books and explain the meaning of love and life. Their sermons are soothing enough for those coming to the New York Church, as it provides insight into the life of people. They retrospect and understand the meaning of life by going through different kinds of preaching. This kind of arrangement has benefited many Indian Christians living in foreign shores, as they find people from their communities and share their feelings for God and enable them to understand the depth of God’s existence and morals.


  • Gradually spreading wings of the church to bring about austerity and peace

Although it has taken time for the Masihi Church to spread its wings and bring out people into the charter, the success has been stupendous. With the church being established in a new location, the area is larger and can accommodate more members, the number of which is growing. Many Indian Punjabi Christians are gathering in the Indian Church and listening to the preaching of the Lord. Not only do they hear and give attention, their life has also changed a lot since becoming members. Their attitude towards the presence of a supernatural power has strengthened over time.

  • Various other activities for community development apart from preaching

Besides preaching in the New York Church, there are many other activities being organized, which help accentuate the happiness and meaning of life. Brothers and sisters in the group are involved in various social activities, to ensure that their communities are well maintained with peace and prosperity all around. Environmental issues are tackled and problems are solved together. Since people work together and pray together, there is a feeling of oneness in the Indian Church. With further efforts of the leaders of Masihi Church, there has been much improvement in the life of people and it is reflected in the peaceful coexistence even while being in a foreign land.

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A Church With a Difference

New York City is known for its ostentatious lifestyle, sumptuous food and a traveler’s delight. A huge range of attractions dot this city and one can never get out of options to have a good time here. However, what one does not remember about the New York City is its churches. The beautiful churches located here make the city all the more charming and charismatic. What makes these churches all the more fascinating is the history that led to their establishment! One of such churches is Punjabi Masihi Church. The most popular church in New York City is renowned not just for its architecture but also for its Preaching. The church has visitors from the Indian population living in the city and many others too. It conducts various programs for the Hindi, Punjabi as well as the Urdu community.

The Mission of the Church

The Punjabi Masihi Church helps people hear and understand the Gospel of Lord Jesus. The Church even serves the vulnerable people who are in need of love and helps them in the name of Jesus. The doors of the Ray of Hope Church are open for people from every background, irrespective of where the people are on the spiritual journey. A multicultural chuck located at Jackson Heights, it is a life giver. The objective of the church is to instill life and love of God in the people and their families through powerful and effective worship services that provide biblical truth, practically. The church strives to be the same as the one described in the holy Bible, wherein there is relevant teaching, honest friendships, heartfelt worship, compassion, care and constant prayer for all those who are in need. The church believes in spreading Christianity while influencing and encouraging the community, one person at a time.


Know more about the Church

The Punjabi Masihi Church believes that it is a community of people who are imperfect but seek Jesus Christ in order to transform themselves. They do this to offer real strength, hope and love to all those are in need of it. The Punjabi Church works hard for creating a place that is not just for people who are churched but for everyone, who is welcomed here with love and warmth. All those who are exhausted of traditional church and require such a worship experience, which makes them believe in the power of healing of the Christian fellowship again should visit this place, without any second thought. At times, it happens that people do not find unconditional love and seek it in Churches. This is the church where one can find the Ray of Hope that they are looking for.

Events and Prayer Meetings

In order to bring the community closer and available for each other, the Punjabi Masihi Church makes a point to organize various events. Such events bring people close to each other and understand one another. The church holds prayer meeting to understand the teachings of Holy Bible regularly. This sure is a church with a difference.

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New York Church – Famous Churches of New York


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People often associate New York City only with Manhattan and its gleaming skyscrapers, forgetting that there are several other types of attractions that the place is well known for. Take for example, the number of beautiful churches that one can find in this city. In fact, almost every New York church has some kind of a rich history behind it.


Not for nothing is New York City often referred to as a cultural melting pot. One can find people from almost every nook and corner of the world living here in perfect harmony with each other. Each community has been instrumental in establishing their own worship communities. Take for example the Punjabi Masihi Church, which is quite popular among the large Indian population in the city. The church conducts programs in the Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi languages that are spoken among the Indian community.

Apart from preaching about the greatness of God, the churches in the city are also famous for their different styles of architecture. Take for example the St.Patrick’s Cathedral in the city. Now this church is known for its beautiful Gothic architecture and is counted among the most popular tourist attractions in the city too.

One of the oldest churches in the city is the St.Paul’s Chapel. The church attracts a regular stream of visitors throughout the day. Just nearby is the Trinity Church, which is again, one of the oldest in the city. Its classical Gothic architecture continues to inspire awe among visitors to the city.

Another church that has a rich history behind it is the John Street Methodist Church. In fact, this is the oldest Methodist church in the whole of US. The Greek revival style architecture of the church is another attraction. The church was built way back in 1768 and continues to be extremely popular.

The Shrine of St.Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton is another famous church located in New York City. The typical Georgian style of architecture makes this church building stand out from the crowd of modern buildings in the Park Avenue area in New York. Surrounded by lush greenery, the church has been constructed with limestone and brick.

Not only is New York City home to some of the tallest buildings in the United States, it is also the place where you can also find the tallest church too. The Riverside Church’s bell tower rises a good 392 feet, making it the tallest church building in the whole of the country. In fact, the bell tower in itself has become a major tourist attraction in the city.

The list of beautiful churches that are spread around New York is almost endless. As we have seen, right from the Masihi Church, which is an Indian Church to the various other churches that are spread through the nook and corner of the city, the devout will be spoilt for choice here.

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